In case you use a VPS for online and offline applications, you could come across a situation where they don't perform adequately due to insufficient physical memory. This may occur if you try to run a program that requires more RAM than the amount your package provides, or if you have too many applications and some of them consume all the memory, leaving no free RAM for the others. Even in case you get a powerful package deal, this may happen if you add more applications on the web server at some point, and since it's possible that you will require only more physical memory, but not higher Central processing unit speeds or more disk space, we provide a RAM upgrade that you'll be able to use without changing your entire plan. This way, you may pay only for the system resources which you really need and you'll be able to avoid errors on your sites caused by deficiency of memory and the inability of the VPS to load the applications.

Additional RAM in VPS Servers

You will be able to add more RAM to your VPS servers no matter the plan that you have selected, even if it is a high-end one. The upgrade comes in increments of 128 MB, so you will be able to include as much RAM as you want at any given time, taking advantage of the flexibility of our system. The amount of memory you order will be assigned to your existing virtual web server, so you won't have to carry out anything on your end. You'll not detect any downtime on your websites, since the VPS will not be turned off or restarted for the additional memory to be allocated to it. The upgrade can be ordered either during the signup process - in case you know in advance that you shall need it, or later using the billing area - in case you need it after you have begun using the hosting server. In any case, adding more physical memory requires only a couple of clicks and because all VPS accounts are created on potent machines, there shall always lots of free memory to ensure that any one of the virtual servers can be upgraded as much as desired at any moment.